Vodka Cocktail Workshop

Cocktail Workshop & Vodka Museum

A cocktail workshop is a fun and instructive activity for your party. A good posture, love, a big smile and of course the perfect moves, make this cocktail workshop an true experience! With the right techniques and a nice decoration you will serve the perfect Vodka cocktail, and then you can taste your cocktail right away! Even with a small group you are able to do the Cocktail Workshop & Vodka Museum Tour.

The Vodka Cocktail Workshop Amsterdam starts with a tour through the Vodka Museum, which is a story consisting of a combination of information and entertainment. After the tour you can take place at the unique Vodka Bar with around 112 different Vodka's. The professional cocktail shaker will introduce you to the different types of drinks and ingredients that can be mixed into a cocktail. After a interactive knowledge / drinking test, everyone gets the opportunity to create their own cocktails. There will be an original practice bottle at the training, so you can practice your to heart's delight without breaking anything. In no time you will be the entertainer behind the bar!

The workshop and tour lasts approximately 2,5 hours. This includes 3 cocktails, location, bartender and guidance.


▪ 4 to 20 persons | € 37,50 per person
▪ 21 to 30 persons | € 35,- per person
▪ 31 to 50 persons | price on request

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