Archery Tag Battle Amsterdam

Compete with your friends in Amsterdam Archery Tag Battle

Archery Tag Battle is the new sensational activity in Amsterdam! It is a version of archery where you can compete against each other with bow and arrow. Archery Tag Amsterdam is played with arrows with foam-tops, so you can shoot each other without feeling pain. As extra protection you will wear a mask. Archery Tag Battle is an active / sportive activity where the adrenaline will build up. Ideal and inexpensive activity for a bachelor party or stag do in Amsterdam!

What to expect from the Archery Tag Battle Amsterdam?

When you arrive at the Archery Tag location you will get a briefing on how the game works. We will start with a practice round to see how it all works. One by one we will see if you can hit certain targets with your bow and arrow. When everyone has got the proper skills we will go on the pitch and start the Archery Tag Battle. We will do several different games during the archery tag activity. At the end we will see who is the winner of this ultimate battle!

The Archery Tag Battle Games

▪ Kamikaze Run
▪ Capture Flag
▪ Battle Zone
▪ Archery Dodge
▪ Last Man Standing

Where do you play Archery Tag Battle?

We organize the Archery Tag Battle in Amsterdam at the former Bijlmerbajes Prison, just 10/15 minutes from Amsterdam Central Station. This is an outdoor location at the previous outdoor area of the prisoners. We can also arrange an indoor location for you or any other outdoor location in Amsterdam if you like.

Archery Tag Amsterdam Details

▪ Price | € 22,50 p.p.
▪ Duration | 1,5 hours
▪ Location | Bijlmerbajes Prison
▪ Facial Safety Protection (masks)
▪ Overalls
▪ Bow & arrows
▪ Minimum group size | 8 people *

* 8 is the minimum amount of people for the Archery Tag Battle Amsterdam. It is possible to play with less than 8, but you need to pay for 8 people.

When you are interested in other activities next to the Archery Tag Battle we can recommend you our Amsterdam Bubble Football, Urban Axe Throwing or Amsterdam Highland Games. All these games can be played at the same location at the Bijlmerbajes Prison.

Feel free to contact us when you have any questions or get a quote when you are interested in our Archery Tag Battle.

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