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CLUB AIR AMSTERDAM is a new club (April 2010) in Amsterdam with an international look and feel. AIR is situated in one of the clubbing temples of the world, this venue is located on the exact location as the old and famous Club IT. AIR represents tolerance, diversity, creativity, quality and freedom. Club AIR astonishes its guests with diverse programming for various target groups and its attention to service.

AIR (winner of the Golden Gnome Award) has exceptional audio-visual facilities, including the state of the art VOID ACOUSTICS sound system. Lockers are available at the spacious entrance to ensure guests can store their personal belongings safely and efficiently. There are 3 restroom groups, 5 bars and 2 smoking areas, each with their own design and atmosphere.

More details about CLUB AIR AMSTERDAM

Even though AIR is a large club with a maximum capacity of 1300, the objective is to create an intimate atmosphere, whether there are 100 or 1000 guests. The club is partitioned to maintain this feeling throughout. Intimacy is of the utmost importance. Club AIR continuously surprises and excites its guests by combining music, design, communication and fine arts. AIR is a place for everyone, from underground to upscale. The real techno & house lovers will feel right at home in Club AIR.

Club Air offers table & bottle service just next to the dance floor. Great to enjoy service and music in one of Amsterdam's finest clubs. Interested in your private table with bottle service and VIP entrance in Club AIR? Please do not hesitate to contact us and we will arrange everything for you. Also have a look at our VIP Night Out, which is a cool & stylish way to go clubbing in Amsterdam. Click here to read more about our VIP Night Out.

Feel free to contact us when you have any questions or when you are interested in our services, please get a quote.

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