The Famous “Banana Bar”

The Famous Amsterdam Banana Bar

One of our main Amsterdam Bachelor attractions in the Red Light District is the famous 'Banana Bar'. The Bananas Bar is a fun & surprising erotic bar where the hotties will entertain you! The girls behind the bar will fill up your glasses and perform amazing tricks for you. The Bananas Bar is the place to be when you want to have a good laugh with your friends on a bachelor party in Amsterdam!

The girls will perform their tricks for an additional cost, which is of course the bars main attraction. All the girls have their own specialty, ranging from the famous banana tricks to acts that involve vibrators, body art, massage oil and a bit of teasing the bachelor. All shows that you will remember all your life!

Prices Banana Bar Amsterdam

The entrance fee is € 50,- and this includes 4 drinks per person during the one hour visit at Banana Bar. You can order whatever you like from beer, Vodka Redbull to Jack Daniels & Coke. Also you can choose to pay an additional fee to the ladies inside to do their awesome tricks for you. For example, eat a banana from the pussy...

Opening Hours

▪ Sunday - Thursday | 20:00 - 02:00 hrs.
▪ Friday - Saturday    | 20:00 - 03:00 hrs.
▪ After 1 hour your group name will be called to leave.

Ticket Service

When you don't want to be queuing in front of the Banana Bar (as it is always crowded) we can purchase your tickets in advance. When you arrive in Amsterdam we will bring by the tickets at your accommodation. They are open tickets so you can use them whenever you like during your stay.

Feel free to contact us when you have any questions or get a quote If you would like to get tickets for 'The Bananas Bar' in Amsterdam.

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