Fun & VIP Amsterdam

FUN & VIP Amsterdam

This is the combo package for the guys who like to laugh and party hard!

Banana Bar

First you will visit the famous banana bar. Several ladies will wait for you at the bar to entertain the group but mainly to "fool around" with the bachelor.
You have an hour at the venue to watch all the crazy tricks and drink as much as you like. Yes, also spirits guys.
The tricks vary from “writing a postcard with the vagina to special body art”. For an extra fee the lady shows you all their skills.
When your time at the banana bar has finished you will be asked to leave the venue. Time to party on at the club!

Jimmy Woo

Jimmy Woo is one of the most luxurious nightclubs and lounges in Amsterdam. When entering the Jimmy Woo you will experience the extraordinary taste for luxury, style and glamour. This nightclub & lounge will take you to a breathtaking world combining authentic oriental art and modern western elements.Acces the club as VIPS. Your table is reserved for the entire night. Your own personal waiter will assist you during the night and will explain the drink-menu. Now it is time to hit the dancefloor and order the bottles. The best looking ladies in town are united & the DJ is playing the best tracks of the moment so all the ingrediënts are at present to have a great night out!


The Fun & VIP combo package costs € 135,- per person with a minimum of 6 people. Please contact us for a customized quote when your party is larger than 6 people. Next you can see what is included in the 'Fun & VIP' combo:

Fun & VIP combo

▪ Entrance Banana Bar
▪ 1 hour free spirits at the bar
▪ Private Table in the club
▪ 2 bottles of liquor
▪ VIP host
▪ Price from €135,- per person

Please do not hesitate to contact us when your party is larger or smaller then six and we can give you a detailed quote.

Feel free to contact us when you have any questions or get a quote when you are interested in Amsterdam Bachelor's services.

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