Bullets, Babes & Beer

Bullets, Babes & Beer Package

A Target Shooting experience followed by a tour through the Heineken Experience and it ends with a striptease show at a bar or at your accommodation! You can choose the location where you would like to have the striptease show. YES, it's your big day!

Target Shooting

You will start the day with a target shooting clinic, so you wake up with an adrenaline boost. During this clinic you will be shooting hand guns. First we start with the introduction and safety rules. After that you will get your safety glasses and ear muffs and you are ready to go for shooting 30 bullets each.  The hand guns you shoot with on the shooting range:
• 20 shots .22 caliber baretta
• 10 shots .22 caliber smith & wesson revolver

Heineken Experience Tour

After the Target Shooting you will go to the Heineken Experience. The tickets are already purchased, so you don't have to be queuing in line to purchase your tickets. The Heineken Experience Tour is a self guided tour of approximately 1,5 hours. Each ticket includes 2 beers per person and a souvenir at the end of the tour.

Beer-babes and guns

Striptease Show

You can choose to have the striptease any time during your stay in Amsterdam! This can be at a bar in city center (we know where it's possible) or at your accommodation. This package covers everything men need during their bachelor party/stag do or any other event with your friends in Amsterdam.

Summary Bullets, Babes & Beer Amsterdam

▪ Shooting clinic | 1/1,5 hours | 30 bullets per person
▪ Heineken Experience Tour | approx. 1,5 hours | 2 beers & souvenir incl.
▪ Striptease Show | 15 minutes show | Location to be confirmed

The Bullets, Babes & Beer package is € 90,- per person with a minimum of 8 people. When you are with less then 8 people, please contact us for a customized quote.

Feel free to contact us when you have any questions or click here to get a quote when you would like to purchase the Bullets, Babes & Beer package.

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8 Responses

  1. Rob
    Many thanks to Juri and team for our weekend. The boys and I enjoyed it a lot!
  2. Kristian
    Hi guys, We all had a great weekend and everyone really enjoyed the event! Thanks for sorting it all out! Cheers Kristian
  3. Mark
    Cheers for everything on the 4th! Sorry if we seemed spaced!! I think that comes with the territory in Amsterdam hey! Haha! We hardly heard 3 words out of the groom the whole time we were there! There smoke hits him hard!! He loved every minute tho ;) Regards Mark
  4. Rachel
    Thank you so much Juri for an amazing, fun bachelor party . The boys had a fantastic time and it was really great value for money. I would highly recommend Amsterdam bachelor to anyone thinking of having a bachelor party. Actually, dont think. Just do it. You wont regret it! Juri takes care of everything: from your (too) drunk friends, special requests, hotel advice etc. The boys have finally recovered after this weekend and have memories for life! Thank you Juri :)
  5. Joachim
    Thanks a lot Juri ! It was an amazing weekend, also thanks to you and your team.
  6. Jean-Pierre
    We booked the Bullets, Babes & Beer last week and we had an absolutely fantastic time. All was well organized and the shooting was a blast!! And not to forget the awesome striptease show, thanks Eva! I would recommend this highly to everyone coming for a bachelor party to Amsterdam... Jean-Pierre
  7. Lionel
    Hi Juri, I'm finally recovered... I got the tickets and the heineken was fun especially in our state... Everything was fine and he really enjoyed his week-end. When I dropped him at his home he was hardly to walk... I think he will never forget it. So it's a big success and it is partially grace to you...Thank you very much!!...For everything!! I think we will do it again together with the next one...Hope not too soon... ;D Kind regards, Lionel.
  8. Ciaran Cahill
    Just back from an amazing weekend in Amsterdam. Amsterdam Bachelor organised the activities for us. Best service ever, couldn't have been easier, 1 email was all it took and Juri sorted everything out. Outstanding value for the package well worth the money, shooting the guns was easily the high light of the weekend. Thanks Juri from all the boys at Seán stag do. HIGHLY RECCOMMEND AMSTERDAM BACHELOR

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