Archery Tag & Axe Throwing

The Ultimate Amsterdam Bachelor Party Package

The Archery Tag and Axe Throwing are two popular bachelor party activities that we have combined to a great package for a Stag Do in Amsterdam! The duration for the 2 activities will be 1,5 hours, 45 minutes of Axe Throwing and 45 minutes of Archery Tag. The Axe Throwing will be held on professional axe trhowing lanes and with the archery tag you will play in the airspace of the former Amsterdam “Bijlmerbajes” prison. The Urban Axe Throwing is a brand new activity in the Netherlands and have the first venue in Amsterdam. This is the ultimate package for a Bachelor Party or Stag Do in Amsterdam! The price for the Axe Throwing & Archery Tag is € 29,50 per person.

Location Archery Tag & Axe Throwing

You will be playing these games at the former Amsterdam “Bijlmerbajes” prison. This is a unique and very cool location in the east side of Amsterdam! Which is just 10 minutes by public transport from Central Station and a couple of minutes walk. You will be playing these games in two gardens where the prisoners could go during the day to have some outdoor time. So there is no cooler place to play these activities in Amsterdam! The prison will close down within a year or so, so don’t hesitate and book.

Details Bachelor Party Package

▪ Price | € 29,50 p.p.
▪ Duration | 1,5 hours
▪ Location | Amsterdam “Bijlmerbajes” Prison
▪ Minimum 8 people*
▪ 2 great activities combined

It is also possible to book when you are with less than 8 people, but you need to pay for 8 people.

Archery Tag and Axe Throwing Amsterdam

Other Bachelor Party Activities on Location

You can also book these activities seperately, click on Amsterdam Archery Tag or Amsterdam Axe Throwing for more information. Next to these two activities you can also combine it with our Indoor Bubble Football or Highland Games. And if you like we can also cater our BBQ package for you in the outdoor gardens of the Bijlmerbajes prison. Ideal to have some food & drinks after these activities, and have everything sorted in one place!

Feel free to contact us when you have any questions for the Amsterdam Archery Tag and Axe Throwing and any of Amsterdam Bachelor's other activities & services.

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