Amsterdam Whiskey Tasting

Amsterdam Whiskey Tasting

In the heart of Amsterdam you can taste fantastic Whiskey's! For the Amsterdam Whisky tasting you can choose two different sorts of whiskey tastings. You can either choose the Scottish Whisky tasting or a Whiskey tasting from around the globe. With the whiskey tasting from around the globe we will taste Whiskey's from all different countries such as Ireland, Japan, The Netherlands, Scotland etc..

Tasting the Whiskey is of course the most important part during the Amsterdam Whiskey Tasting! Five Whiskey's are included in the tasting, where there is one Whiskey from every Scottish Whiskey Region or country. You can also choose to do the tasting about one specific region, For example the Highlands, Islay or the Isles... It is also possible to choose an international "Round The World" tasting. From Japan to the USA and back to Holland. So you ca choose whatever you like.

Next to the Whiskey tasting we will also explain you about the background of the specific Whiskey's, so you know exactly what you will be drinking.

This Amsterdam Whiskey Tasting Workshop will start at € 32,50 per person. And the minimum amount of people for this workshop is 6 people.

Whiskey Tasting Prices

▪ 6 - 10 people | € 38,50 p.p.
▪ 11 - 16 people | € 35,- p.p.
▪ 17 - 24 people | € € 32,50 p.p.
▪ 24 people or more | ask for adjusted price

Details Whiskey Tasting

▪ Duration | +/- 1,5 hours
▪ Price | from € 32,50 p.p.
▪ Location | City Centre
▪ Experienced Whiskey Instructor
▪ Min. 6 persons
▪ 5 Whisky's

Feel free to contact us when you have any questions or get a quote when you are interested in this Amsterdam Whiskey Tasting in the City Center.

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